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The Department of Energy (DOE) AU-23 Operating Experience Program manages and exchanges operating experience data from across and outside the DOE Complex in order to share good work practices and prevent adverse events. On this Wiki, you'll find links to reports and information on a variety of useful safety and operational topics.

Recent Operating Experience (OE) Documents

September 2016

OE-3: Clearance and Release of Personal Property from Accelerator Facilities, DOE-STD-6004

August 2016

OE-3: Frequent Hazardous Electrical Energy Related Events

OE-3: Nitrate Waste Evaluations

July 2016

OES: A Hot Topic: Preventing and Recognizing Heat-Related Illnesses

OE-3: Ladder Safety

Links to All OE Documents and Summaries:

OE Documents (AU) - http://energy.gov/ehss/operating-experience-level-1-2-and-3-documents
OE Summaries (AU) - http://energy.gov/ehss/listings/operating-experience-summaries

OE Wiki Video

Science in 60 - Simulating Flames Helps Tame Future Wildfires

produced by DOE LANL

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This video provides a 60 second overview of DOE's Los Alamos National Laboratory's work regarding the interaction between fire and the atmosphere through computer modeling. The behavior of wildfire is being simulated through the computer program, FIRETEC which involves multi-phase fluid dynamics, turbulence and high performance computing. This work will assist in understanding how fire behaves and refining faster ready tools in fire events.

Posted July 12, 2016

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