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The Department of Energy (DOE) AU-23 Operating Experience Program manages and exchanges operating experience data from across and outside the DOE Complex in order to share good work practices and prevent adverse events. On this Wiki, you'll find links to reports and information on a variety of useful safety and operational topics.

Recent Operating Experience (OE) Documents

January 2018

Operating Experience Summary 2018-02: Hurricane Preparedness

Operating Experience Summary 2018-01: The Importance of Quality Assurance during Work Planning for Preventing Accidents

OE-3 2018-04: Pipe Over-Pack Container (POC) Fire Test Results

OE-3 2018-03: Engineered Sling Protection

OE-3 2018-02: Hard Drives Soldered to Logic Boards Pose Potential Issues at Computer End-of-Life

OE-3 2018-01: DOE Occupational Radiation Exposures for 2016

Links to All OE Documents and Summaries:

OE Documents (AU) - http://energy.gov/ehss/operating-experience-level-1-2-and-3-documents
OE Summaries (AU) - http://energy.gov/ehss/listings/operating-experience-summaries

OE Wiki Video

What Makes a Wind Turbine Break?

The video, What makes a wind turbine break? NREL’s drivetrain experts want to know, from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) investigates
the turbine operational conditions most likely to cause drivetrain failures. NREL recently installed a new gearbox and main bearing in the U.S. Department
of Energy-owned General Electric 1.5-megawatt SLE turbine.
Posted June 5, 2018

Alaska: An Energy Frontier

Posted May 29, 2018

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