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DOE is committed to the development and maintenance of guidance and standards addressing the safety of hoisting and rigging activities at DOE sites. These efforts are undertaken with the assistance of the DOE Hoisting and Rigging Technical Advisory Committee, a topical committee chartered under the DOE Technical Standards Program.

The primary guidance developed by the DOE Hoisting and Rigging Committee is the DOE Hoisting and Rigging Standard, DOE-STD-1090. It is revised every three years to address changes in source documents (OSHA and national consensus standards), as well as DOE operational experience.

DOE-STD-1090-2007; Hoisting and Rigging Standard (Formerly Hoisting and Rigging Manual)

Historic New Cranes and Derricks Rule Will Help Save Construction Workers' Lives

OSHA's new rule addressing the use of cranes and derricks in construction replaces a decades-old version. The rule, published July 28,2010, will affect approximately 267,000 construction, crane rental, and crane certification establishments with about 4.8 million workers.