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DOE is committed to ensuring that items and components installed in safety-related or mission-critical applications meet their intended function and operability requirements. The Office of Health, Safety and Security has established a process to identify SCIs or DIs that are deemed safety-significant and broadly applicable to DOE facilities. This page contains useful information to help identify S/CIs and DIs.

U.S. Customs Headmark List of Suspect/Counterfeit Fasteners (1992) - A resource aid for identifying legacy fasteners.

U. S. Patent and Trademark Office - Current insignia (manufacturer headmark) List for Fasteners

EPRI Plant Support Engineering: Counterfeit and Fraudulent Items - A Self-Assessment Checklist 201010

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White House boosts effort to keep fake products out of procurement

Suspect-Counterfeit Items:Data Collection Sheets for items in which a defect appears to be due to misrepresentation of the item by the vendor, supplier, distributor, or manufacturer.Here is the link to DOE's Suspect/Counterfeit Items (for website access, see below):

Suspect/Counterfeit Items

Defective Items:Data Collection Sheets for items in which the defect appears to be due to an unintentional error in the manufacturing process. Defective items are often recalled by their manufacturers.Here is the link to DOE's Defective Items (for website access, see below):

Defective Items

S/CI-DI Website Access:Access to password protected areas of this website is available to DOE employees and contractors, and other Federal/military employees with a need-to-know. Such persons must register for a password in this area to gain access to S/CI and DI information.Documents downloaded from the password-protected areas of this web site may be made available to the DOE Federal/military and DOE contractor community. These documents are not permitted to be made available to the general public via an Internet web site. All parties with access to the password-protected areas of the HSS web site are to exercise due diligence to maintain control of information.Here is the link to request an account:

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